PhD Recipients: 1990-1999

Current Position
1999 Daniel O. Buehler, "Ideograph and Controversy: A Rhetorical History on the Negotiation of the National Park Concept" (M.M. Watson, advisor) Social Studies Coordinator, Sky Vista Middle School
1999 Theresa Croy, "Cultural Memory and the Responseds to the Town Hall Meeting in the 1992 Presidential Debates" (J.F. Klumpp, advisor) Colorado School Liaison, SchoolStart, Ft. Collins, CO
1999 John McGrath, "Situational Theory and the Formation of Publics as an Effect of Health Communication Campaigns: An Exploratory Study" (J.E. Grunig, advisor) Branch Chief, Public Information & Communications Branch, National Institute of Child Health & Human Development, National Institutes of Health
1999 Noemi Marin, "Rhetorical Readings on Exile and Identity in Eastern and Central Europe: Konrad, Codrescu, and Drakulic" (J.F. Klumpp, advisor) Associate Professor, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL
1999 Holly A. Massett, "The Effects of Culture and Other-Orientation on Personal Communication
Networks and Behavioral Intentions: A Comparison Between the United States and Mexico" (E.L. Fink, advisor)
Behavioral Science Analyst, Office of Communications and Education, National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda, MD
1999 Leah E. Ritchie, "Supporting Organizational Learning Through Communication Behaviors: The Effects of Superior/Subordinate Communication Satisfaction and Organizational Defensive Routines on Perceived Support for Double-Loop Learning" (D.A. Cai, advisor) Associate Professor, Salem State College, Salem, MA
1999 Shelly Stein, "Uncovering Listening Strategies: Protocol Analysis as a Means to Investigate Student Listening in the Basic Communication Course" (A.D. Wolvin, advisor) Adjunct Faculty Member, University of Maryland-University College
1999 Mary Anne Trasciatti, "Arguing Americanization: The Rhetoric of Native-Born Americans and Italian Immigrants, 1990-1930" (E.L. Fink & M.M. Watson, advisors) Associate Professor, School of Communication, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY
1999 Mary Lynn Umberger, "The Buffalo Commons: An Ethnographic Case Study of Proposed Change" (J.F. Klumpp, advisor) Metropolitan Community College, Omaha, NE
1998 Anders R. Lunt, "The Reinvention of Preaching: A Study of Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century English Preaching Theories" (R.N. Gaines, advisor) Senior Pastor, Glen Mar United Methodist Church, Ellicott City, MD
1998 Lisa Anne Perry, "Legal Rhetoric Books in England, 1600-1700" (R.N. Gaines, advisor) Contract Attorney & Communication Consultant, Campbell, CA
1997 Allyson Adrian, "Fuzzy Models of the Relationships among Communication Satisfaction Factors and Organizational Commitment in Three Australian Organizations" (R.L. Falcione, advisor) Adjunct Assistant Professor, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, Washington, DC
1997 Madeline Derbyshire, "Living, Energetic Beings': The Rhetorical Constitution of Woman's Rights Advocates" (M.M. Watson, advisor) Associate Professor & Chair, Department of Communication Studies, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI
1997 Shuming Lu, "Intercultural Small Talk: An Ethnographic Analysis of Interactions among Chinese and Americans" (R.N. Gaines, advisor) Professor of Communication Arts & Sciences/Director of CUNY/Brooklyn College China Programs, Brooklyn College, City University of New York, Brooklyn, NY
1997 Joseph Ross, "Child's Play: An Investigation of Father to Son Messages and the World of Youth Athletics" (A.D. Wolvin, advisor) Lecturer and the Director of the Program in Organizational
Leadership & Communication, Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY
1996 Susan McGreevey Hubbard, "Cognitive Oscillation During the Social Inference Process: The Roles of Cognition and Motivation" (E.L. Fink, advisor)  
1996 Gary S. Selby, "Apocalyptic and Rhetoric in the Epistles of the New Testament" (R.N. Gaines, advisor) Blanche E. Seaver Professor of Communication, Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA
1995 Lucy Lind Hogan, "The Overthrow of the Monopoly of the Pulpit: A Longitudinal Case Study of the Cultural Conversation Advocating the Preaching and Ordination of Women in American Methodism 1859-1924" (M.M. Watson, advisor) Professor, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC
1994 Jeanine Barr, "Perceived and Received Support in a Therapeutic Situation" (V.S. Freimuth, advisor) Deceased
1993 Shih-Shin Chen, "A Convergence Model of Communication and Organizational Climate: A Galileo Study" (E.L. Fink, advisor) Associate Professor, Department of Health Care Management at National Taipei College of Nursing
1993 Mei-Ling Wang, "The Cognitive Effects of Stereotype Modification" (E.L. Fink, advisor) Associate Professor, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
1992 Wendy Zababa Ford, "Analysis of the Cashier-Customer Interaction, Predictors and Outcomes: Evaluation of Alternative Structural Equation Models" (R.L. Falcione, advisor)  
1992 Katherine Jankowski, "The Battle of Ideologies: A Struggle for Ownership in the Deaf Community" (J.F. Klumpp, advisor) Dean, Clerc Center, Gallaudet University, Washington, DC
1992 Kitty Saylor, "Understanding the Nature of High-Risk Organizations: Application of a Qualitative Model of Organizational Structure, Technology, and Environment" (R.L. Falcione, advisor) Unknown
1990 Walton Bishop, "Cognitive Cybernetics and Human Communication: The Regulatory Effects of Prior Knowledge" (E.L. Fink, advisor) Deceased
1990 Maura Clancey, "The Political Knowledge, Participation, and Opinions of C-Span Viewers: An Exploratory Assessment of Mass Media Impact" (K.H. Jamieson, advisor) Director of Client Services, Statistical Research, Inc., Westfield, NJ
1990 Sharon Hammond, "Issue Involvement and the Elaboration Likelihood Model: A Field Experiment Using Environmental Risk Messages" (E.L. Fink & V.S. Freimuth, advisors) Retired
1990 Richard Leeman, "The Rhetoric of Counter-Terrorism: A Strategy of Response" (J.F. Klumpp, advisor) Professor and Chair, Department of Communication Studies, University of North Carolina, Charlotte