Trevor Parry-Giles


Ph.D., Indiana University


Director of Academic & Professional Affairs

National Communication Association



Phone: 202-534-1116
2105 Skinner Building
Professional Interests: 

Dr. Parry-Giles studies rhetoric and political culture and legal rhetoric. He is the co-author The Prime-Time Presidency: The West Wing and U.S. Nationalism (University of Illinois Press) and Constructing Clinton: Hyperreality and Presidential Image-Making in Postmodern Politics (Peter Lang). Dr. Parry-Giles is also the author of The Character of Justice: Rhetoric, Law, and Politics in the Supreme Court Confirmation Process (Michigan State University Press). His research has appeared in the Quarterly Journal of Speech, Rhetoric & Public Affairs, Presidential Studies QuarterlyCritical Studies in Mass Communication, and elsewhere.

Dr. Parry-Giles is a recipient of the NCA Diamond Anniversary Book Award, the Marie Hochmuth Nichols Award for Outstanding Public Address Research, and the Kohrs-Campbell Prize in Rhetorical Criticism. He is also a Distinguished Research Fellow and a Distinguished Teaching Fellow of the Eastern Communication Association.

Current research projects include exploring the role of image and character in U.S. political discourse and political judgment, the depictions of the U.S. presidency in popular culture, critically tracing the recent history of American presidential campaign rhetoric, and examining the rhetorics of geopolitical change in contemporary remakes of Cold War era films.

Curriculum Vitae

Graduate Advising Philosophy

Representative Publications:

Trevor Parry-Giles and Michael J. Steudeman, “Crafting Character, Moving History: John McCain’s Political Identity in the 2008 Presidential Campaign,” Quarterly Journal of Speech 103 (2017): 66-89. doi: 10.1080/00335630.2016.1234062.

Michael J. Steudeman and Trevor Parry-Giles, “Redeeming the Maverick McCain: Game Change as Hyperreal Campaign History,” Communication Quarterly 64 (2016): 553-572. doi: 10.1080/01463373.2016.1176938.

William Howell and Trevor Parry-Giles, “From Tweets to Movements: Celebrity Power and the Modern Police State,” Celebrity Studies 6 (2015): 610-612. doi: 10.1080/19392397.2015.109221.

Trevor Parry-Giles, “Presidentialism, Political Fiction, and the Complex Presidencies of Fox’s 24,” Presidential Studies Quarterly 44 (2014): 204-223, doi: 10.1111/psq.12109.