Lauren Edelstein


M.A., Georgetown University

3112B Skinner Building
Professional Interests: 

Lauren Edelstein teaches courses about conflict and negotiations. Her goal in teaching is to provide students with skills that they can take out into the world with them after graduation.  She completed her graduate studies in Conflict Resolution at Georgetown University, receiving an interdisciplinary masters degree. Lauren's conflict engagement work, outside her teaching at the University of Maryland, focuses on the ways in which effective conflict engagement can improve the functioning of healthcare institutions, the relationship between patients and clinicians, and quality of care. Lauren serves on the Clinical Ethics Committee of a local major medical center where she is also a part of a faculty group that teaches about conflict in clinical ethics. Previously, Lauren has worked at a hospital, managing conflicts between patients, families, and clinicians. Lauren is a trained mediator and has mediated hospital based conflicts and disputes in court.  In addition, she serves a global non-profit, the Global Good Fund, to offer leadership development coaching to entrepreneurs around the world whose organizations have a social impact mission.

Representative Publications:

Edelstein, L.M. (Ed.). (2015). The Consult Corner in Communication Toward Better Understanding. Journal of Hospital Ethics, 4 (1).


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