Linda Aldoory


Ph.D., Syracuse University

ARHU Associate Dean for Research & Programming

ADVANCE Professor for the College of Arts & Humanities

Diversity and Inclusion Officer and Equity Administrator for the College of Arts & Humanities


Professional Interests: 

Linda Aldoory has been at the University of Maryland for over 20 years, and she studies public relations, gender and health, with much of her work focusing on the effects of media messages and public information campaigns on underserved health populations. Her most recent grant is a partnership with the Prince George’s County Health Department to design health messages addressing pre-diabetes in Southern Maryland, from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She is former Endowed Director of the UMD Herschel S. Horowitz Center for Health Literacy, and founder and former Director of the UMD Center for Health and Risk Communication. She has published an edited book, The Gender Challenge to Media, and is co-authoring a book with Elizabeth L. Toth, now under contract that explores the history and current perspectives of feminism in public relations. She is currently Associate Dean for Research and Programming, Diversity and Inclusion Officer and Equity Administrator for the College of Arts & Humanities. She works with faculty and graduate students to secure funding and helps coordinate lectures and events of the College of Arts and Humanities.

Curriculum Vitae

Graduate Advising Philosophy

Representative Publications:

Aghazadeh, S. & Aldoory, L. (2020). “Health literacy for all”: Exploring the feasibility of an intervention to reduce health disparities among rural children. Journal of Applied Communication Research48(4), 478-495. 

Stanley, S. J., Chatham, A. P., Trivedi, N., & Aldoory, L. (2019). Communication and control: Hearing the voices of low-income African American adults to improve relationships with healthcare providers. Health Communication, 35, 1633-1642.

Aldoory, L. (2016). The status of health literacy research in health communication and opportunities for future scholarship. Health Communication32, 211-218.

Aldoory, L., Braun, B., Maring, E. F., Duggal, E., & Briones, R. (2015). Empowerment in the process of health messaging for rural, low-income mothers: An exploratory message design project. Women & Health, 55(3), 297-313.

Aldoory, L. (2005). A (re)conceived feminist paradigm for public relations: A case for substantial improvement. Journal of Communication, 55(3), 668-684.