Oral Communication Program Team

Andrew D. Wolvin, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Oral Communication Program


301-405-6521; awolvin@umd.edu

Andrew D. Wolvin is a professor in the Department of Communication. His research interests center on listening behavior, communication education, and communication management. Dr. Wolvin is the co-author of the widely-used basic communication course text Communicating: A Social, Career, and Cultural Focus, and several other books including Listening, The Public Speaker/The Public Listener, and This Business of Communicating. He is the editor of Listening and Human Communication in the 21st Century and co-editor of Perspectives on Listening. Recognized as a National Communication Association Teaching-Learning Scholar, Dr. Wolvin has served as president of the International Listening Association and the Eastern Communication Association. He has extensive experience as a communication coach and trainer in federal and private agencies.

Lindsey Anderson, Ph.D.

Oral Communication Program

Assistant Professor

301-405-8979; lbander@umd.edu

Lindsey Anderson is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication. Her research focuses on communication assessments and communication education coupled with organizational processes related to employee age and workplace emotion (e.g., career socialization, training, and mentoring). Lindsey’s work has appeared in multiple outlets including Communication Teacher, Communication Yearbook, Public Relations Review, Management Communication Quarterly, and The Journal of Professional Communication. Drawing from her research interests and background as an Associate Course Director for the basic communication course at Purdue University, Lindsey currently serves as a Director of the Oral Communication Program for the Department of Communication. 

Rowena L. Briones, Ph.D.

Managing Director, Oral Communication Program

Professional Track Faculty


Dr. Briones obtained her doctoral degree from the University of Maryland in 2013 with emphases in public relations and health communication. Her research agenda explores how social media and technology impact these areas in terms of campaign development and relationship building, particularly in the areas of sexual health, crisis communication, and risk communication. 

Jade Olson

Director, Oral Communication Center

Professional Track Faculty


Jade Olson is a doctoral candidate with an emphasis in Rhetoric and Political Culture. Her research focuses on discourses of the environment and contemporary radical social movements, areas of interest that converge in her dissertation project on the rhetoric of the Earth Liberation Front. Jade manages the Oral Communication Center and teaches a training course for the Center's peer consultants, in addition to the basic communication course. She has taught courses in critical thinking, argumentation, debate, environmental communication, and the rhetoric of public policy. Jade received her M.A. in Communication from the University of Maryland in 2011 and her B.A. in Rhetoric and Media Studies from Willamette University in 2009. 

Devin Scott

Coordinator, Curriculum & Teaching Development

Graduate Teaching Assistant


Devin Scott (B.A., Truman State University 2010) is a Ph.D. student studying Rhetoric & Political Culture in the Department of Communication. He joins the department after spending two years working with Teach For America as a Corps Member in the Memphis, TN region. His research interests center on the rhetorical strategies employed by political candidates seeking office. He also studies the intersection of politics and education reform. He seeks to advise instructors on the intersection of technology and pedagogy in the classroom; how teaching informs technology usage, and how technology enhances student learning outcomes.