Oral Communication Program Team

Lindsey Anderson, Ph.D.

  • Executive Director, Oral Communication Program
  • Assistant Professor
  • lbander@umd.edu

Lindsey Anderson is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication. Her research focuses on communication assessments and communication education coupled with organizational processes related to employee age and workplace emotion (e.g., career socialization, retirement, and mentoring). Lindsey’s work has appeared in multiple outlets including Communication TeacherCommunication YearbookPublic Relations ReviewManagement Communication Quarterly, and The Journal of Professional Communication. Drawing from her research interests and background as an Associate Course Director for the basic communication course at Purdue University, Lindsey currently serves as the Executive Director of the Oral Communication Program for the Department of Communication. 

Melissa Lucas

  • Managing Director-Instructional Design, Oral Communication Program
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • malucas@umd.edu

Melissa Lucas is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Communication with an emphasis in Rhetoric & Political Culture. She received her M.A. in Communication from San Diego State University and her B.A. in Communication and Political Science from the University of San Diego. Her research interrogates the intersections of gender and civic responsibility during wartime. Melissa joins the Oral Communication Team after serving as a Graduate Teaching Fellow for the Teaching & Learning Transformation Center.

Raphael Mazzone, Ph.D.

  • Managing Director-Operations, Oral Communication Program
  • Professional Track Faculty
  • rmazzone@umd.edu

Raphael Mazzone (Ph.D., 2017, George Mason University) is a lecturer in the Department of Communication and co-manages the Oral Communication Program. He teaches courses in strategic communication, organizational communication, public relations, media theory, and intercultural communication. His research focuses on the intersection between information and communication, specifically around role negotiation and identity. An Alumnus of Maryland’s iSchool (MLS, 2006), Raphael has worked for the National Archives and Records Administration and the Associated Press. 

Jade Olson, Ph.D.

  • Director, Oral Communication Center
  • Professional Track Faculty
  • jolson3@umd.edu

Jade Olson is a lecturer in the Department of Communication and director of the Oral Communication Center. She regularly teaches the training course for OCC peer consultants as well as the basic course in Communication. She has taught courses in critical thinking, argumentation, debate, public policy, and environmental communication. Her research explores the rhetorical construction of radical and revolutionary environmental activism. Jade earned her Ph.D. (2017) and M.A. (2011) in Communication from the University of Maryland.

Cassondra Pope

  • Assistant Director, Oral Communication Center
  • Professional Track Faculty
  • cpope@umd.edu

Cassondra Pope is Assistant Director of the Oral Communication Center and a PTK Communication lecturer from Cleveland, Ohio.  She was awarded a Women in Science and Engineering scholarship from NASA, and as a Dual Degree Engineering major, earned a B.S. in Natural Science (Math) from Spelman College and a B.M.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech.  She later earned an M.F.A in Film from Howard University.  Her diverse educational background gives her unique perspective on different aspects of communication science.

Alyson Farzad-Phillips

  • Coordinator, Curriculum and Assessment Development
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • abfarzad@umd.edu

Alyson Farzad-Phillips is a current Ph.D. student in Rhetoric and Political Culture. Prior to attending the University of Maryland, Alyson taught 6th grade English in Nashville and worked in the Office of Inclusion Initiatives and Cultural Competence at Vanderbilt University. She has a B.A. in Communication and a B.A. in Journalism for Public Relations from the University of Georgia, and she obtained her M.Ed in Higher Education Administration from Vanderbilt University. As a scholar, she is interested in the ways in which the rhetoric of space and public memory are strategically utilized during social movement organizing. She is particularly interested in studying college student protest rhetoric. Outside of life as a researcher, Alyson is interested in service learning pedagogy and wishes to engage her students in community-based learning.

Nora Murphy

  • Coordinator, Curriculum & Assessment Development
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • nlmurphy@umd.edu

Nora is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Communication with a focus on Rhetoric and Political Culture.  Prior to her time at Maryland, she completed her two-year commitment as a corps member with Teach For America in Memphis as a fifth grade teacher. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from DePauw University, graduating Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude. Her research interests revolve around a rhetorical understanding of peace, empathy, and deliberation.  She has taught courses in oral communication, argumentation, and rhetorical criticism.

Andrew D. Wolvin, Ph.D.

  • Assessment Associate, Oral Communication Program
  • Professor
  •  awolvin@umd.edu

Andrew D. Wolvin is a professor in the Department of Communication. His research interests center on listening behavior, communication education, and communication management. Dr. Wolvin is the co-author of the widely-used basic communication course text Communicating: A Social, Career, and Cultural Focus, and several other books including Listening, The Public Speaker/The Public Listener, and This Business of Communicating. He is the editor of Listening and Human Communication in the 21st Century and co-editor of Perspectives on Listening. Recognized as a National Communication Association Teaching-Learning Scholar, Dr. Wolvin has served as president of the International Listening Association and the Eastern Communication Association. He has extensive experience as a communication coach and trainer in federal and private agencies.