New UM Publications in R&PA

UM Communication faculty and alumni are featured prominently in the last two issues of the award-winning journal Rhetoric & Public Affairs.

Professor and director of graduate studies Shawn J. Parry-Giles (left) is the co-author of the lead essay in RPA's Summer 2012 issue. Her essay, entitled "Lincoln Reminiscences and Nineteenth-Century Portraiture: The Private Virtues of Presidential Character," seeks to "historicize the rhetoric of portraiture and trace the rise of reminiscence out of biography as a stand-alone genre, which reached unprecedented popularity in the competitive subgenre of the Lincoln reminiscence." Ultimately, the essay argues that "Lincoln reminiscences featured a balance of common and uncommon virtues thought essential for a president, a balance that helped democratize and humanize presidential character." This same issue of RPA also featured an essay by Ph.D. alumnus Bjorn Stillion Southard (right, now at the University of Georgia), entitled "Polyvocality and the Personae of Blackness in Early Nineteenth-Century Slavery Discourse: The Counter Memorial against African Colonization, 1816."

The lead essay of the Fall 2012 issue of RPA is authored by Ph.D. alumnus Timothy Barney (left, now at the University of Richmond). Entitled "Richard Edes Harrison and the Cartographic Perspective of Modern Internationalism," Barney's essay argues that "Harrison’s mapping innovations mediate a geopolitical shift in America toward a modern, image-based internationalism...and offers an opportunity to assess the rhetorical tensions between idealism and realism in midcentury cartographic forms and the larger spatial and perceptual challenges facing U.S. foreign policy during its rise to superpower status." This same issue also featured a book review authored by Ph.D. alumna Lisa Corrigan (now at the University of Arkansas).

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