COMMTerps Create Video PSA to Combat Opioid Abuse

Maryland Lieutenant Governor Boyd K. Rutherford and Maryland’s Higher Education Commission Secretary, Dr. James D. Fielder, announced the awarding of $46,000 in scholarships to Maryland students who are helping to combat opioid abuse in Maryland.

To increase awareness of the opioid epidemic at the college level, the state created a public service announcement (PSA) challenge for college-aged students. A total of 25 students from four postsecondary institutions participated in the video public service announcement challenge, and will share $46,000 awarded to MHEC through an OOCC state grant.

Along with students from Hood College, Montgomery College, and the University of Maryland-Eastern Shore, three COMMTerps will receive scholarship money to support their education at UMCP: Ph.D. students Victoria Ledford, Sarah Aghazadeh, and Allison Chatham. Their PSA ( will be used by MHEC, OOCC, and the Maryland Department of Health, as well as other organizations statewide to raise awareness about the dangers of opioids.

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