Terps@AEJMC, 2015

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Faculty members and graduate students from the Department of Communication presented research, participated in meetings, and received awards at the annual meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication in San Francisco, August 2015. Read about all Terp involvement at AEJMC in COMM@Maryland, Summer Edition.

Some highlights include:

New Research from Maryland

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Newly published research from Maryland faculty and graduate students:

Recently published in the Journal of Intercultural Communication Research: "Understandings of Arguing in India and the United States: Argument Frames, Personalization of Conflict, Argumentativeness, and Verbal Aggressiveness, by associate professor Dale Hample and lecturer Deepa Anagondahalli

COMM@Maryland, NCA 2014

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Read about the latest research, awards, and NCA accomplishments of faculty and graduate students in the Department of Communication at the University of Maryland.

COMM@Maryland, NCA Edition, 2014

Nan Receives NIH Grant

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Associate professor Xiaoli Nan has just been awarded a new National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant in the amount of $357,552 to support a project studying graphic cigarette warning labels.

New Research on Lincoln Reminiscences

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New Research from Maryland:

Just published in Rhetoric Review: "Refined vs. Middling Styles in the Lincoln Reminiscence: Comparing the Rhetoric of Formality and Familiarity," by David S. Kaufer (Carnegie Mellon University) & professor Shawn J. Parry-Giles.

New Research on Cigarette Warning Labels

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New Research from Maryland:

Just published in Health Communication: "Effectiveness of Cigarette Warning Labels: Examining the Impact of Graphics, Message Framing, and Temporal Framing," by associate professor Xiaoli Nan, Xiaoquan Zhao (George Mason University), Bo Yang, and Irina Iles (Ph.D. students, UM).

New Research on LBJ Rhetoric

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New Research from Maryland:

Just published in Rhetoric & Public Affairs: “'The Guardian Genius of Democracy': The Myth of the Heroic Teacher in Lyndon B. Johnson’s Education Policy Rhetoric, 1964–1966," by Michael J. Steudeman (Ph.D. student).

New Research in Social Support & Friendships

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New Research from Maryland:

Just published in Human Communication Research--"Compliance Dynamics within a Friendship Network II: Structural Positions Used to Garner Social Support," by Edward L. Fink (professor), Andrew C. High (University of Iowa), and Rachel Smith (Penn State University).

Risk Communication Research Stream Selected for FIRE

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FIRE is a new program at the University of Maryland that provides inquiry-based experiences and broad personal and academic mentorship for first-year students through participation in faculty-led innovation and research streams. Students earn degree credit and engage with faculty and a cohort of their peers in the pursuit of new knowledge, understanding and innovations.


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