Wolvin Named Distinguished Listening Scholar

Congratulations to Professor Andrew Wolvin for receiving the 2020 Distinguished Listening Scholar Award from the Global Listening Centre of the Australian National University!
Wolvin received the award in recognition of his "outstanding work in the field of listening," and the award letter particularly notes Wolvin's "publications and research contributed to enhance general knowledge in this critical area of reflection and study." In addition, Wolvin is recognized for his "selfless and thoughtful service to our global civil society to promote the noble cause of listening for over 30 years."
According to the award letter, "The Global Listening Centre recognizes your relentless & tremendous accomplishments and the extraordinary work you have undertaken. In this spirit, the GLC is honored to select you as the recipient of the Distinguished Listening Scholar Award 2020. We are so honored to have such respected scholars in the Global Listening Centre who bring forward our noble mission."
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