Terps@NCA, 2019

Terps@NCA, 2019

UM faculty members and graduate students are scheduled to participate in over 60 panels and presentations at the upcoming Annual Convention of the National Communication Association, November 14-17 in Baltimore, MD.

1.         "A Rhetoric of Falling Forward: Ida B. Wells, Amy Jacques Garvey, Amy Ashwood Garvey and the Universal Negro Improvement Association" Darrian Robert Carroll, University of Maryland

2.         "Impact of Self-Affirmation on Responses to Health Warning Messages: Does Consideration of Future Consequences Matter?" Xiaoli Nan, University of Maryland; Irina Alexandra Iles, University of Maryland; Zexin “Marsha" Ma, Oakland University

3.         "Where do Young Adults Learn about Retirement? Applying an Organizational Socialization Perspective to Understand Sources of Retirement Information" Patricia Gettings, University at Albany, SUNY; Lindsey B. Anderson, University of Maryland

4.         "You are who we say you are: News media framing of and stigma toward opioid addiction" Victoria A. Ledford, University of Maryland

5.         "Take ‘Em Down: Critical Regionalism and Rhetorical Temporality in the Struggle to Remove Confederate Monuments in New Orleans" Jeremy R. Grossman, University of Maryland

6.         InDialogue for Inclusive Decision-making in Local Government: An Innovation in Deliberative Practice , Panelist, Nora Heist

7.         Surviving in the Field: Challenges and Opportunities for Ethnographic Public Relations Research, Panelists: Lindsey Anderson, Brooke Liu, Anita Atwell Seate

8.         "Speak Up or Look the Other Way? The Role of Presumed Media Influence, Hostile Media Perceptions, and Social Identity Threat in Willingness to Denounce Fake News on Facebook" Stephen Michael Kromka, West Virginia University; Elizabeth Cohen, West Virginia University; Anita Atwell Seate, University of Maryland; Andrew D. Sutherland, Blinn College; Andrew L. Nicholson, West Virginia University; Matthew Thomas, Penn State University; Karissa Skerda, West Virginia University

9.         "Reagan and Israel: Heroic Democracy in the Holy Land" Randall Fowler, University of Maryland

10.       "In Praise of Abnormal Women: Reclaiming the Letters of 'Girls Who Answer Personals' for Queer and Feminist Rhetorical History" Carly S. Woods, University of Maryland

11.       Womentoring: Navigating the Emotional Labor of Committee and Service Work, Panelist, Brooke Phipps

12.       "Towards an Impressive Rhetoric: A Material Sensorium from Aristotle to the Stoics" Misti Yang, University of Maryland

13.       "Titling Practices and Their Implications in Communication Research 1970-2010: Cutesy Cues Carry Citation Consequences" David M. Keating, California State University Northridge; Adam Richards, Texas Christian University; Nicholas A. Palomares, University of California, Davis; John Banas, University of Oklahoma; Nick Joyce, University of Maryland; Stephen Rains, University of Arizona

14.       Where do you turn? Student-Identified Resources in the Basic Course Experience, Sources of Information, Feedback, and Help-Seeking Behaviors" Ashley Jones-Bodie, University of Mississippi; Lindsey B. Anderson, University of Maryland; Jennifer Hall, Purdue University

15.       "Presenting Your Best Self: Elevator Speeches for the Academic Job Market" Jade Olson, University of Maryland

16.       "13. Measuring Essential Learning Outcomes for Public Speaking" Melissa Broeckelman-Post, George Mason University; Karla M. Hunter, South Dakota State University; Joshua Westwick, South Dakota State University; Angela M. Hosek, Ohio University; Kristina Ruiz-Mesa, California State University Los Angeles; John F. Hooker, Illinois State University; Lindsey B. Anderson, University of Maryland

17.       "17. Selling a Dream: Postfeminism and Upward Mobility in Direct Sales" Sarah Vick, University of Maryland

18.       "From Ferguson to Palestine: A Study of Imitatio and Intertextual Legacies" Randall Fowler, University of Maryland

19.       "05. An Initial Investigation into a Relationally Based Pedagogical Approach to Ethics Education" Drew T. Ashby-King, University of Maryland, College Park

20.       "21. Theory of Conversational Conflict Avoidance: Applications in the Real-World" Neha Kamran, University of Maryland, College Park

21.       "23. Democratic Dialogue in the 21st Century Communication Course: How the Town Hall Meeting Assignment can foster Civic Engagement" Victoria A. Ledford, University of Maryland

22.       "Reagan on Palestine: Hero's Foil" Randall Fowler, University of Maryland (TOP STUDENT PAPERS—INT’L AND INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION DIVISION)

23.       Communication Skills as Survival: Stories of Student Empowerment from the BCD Trenches, Panelist, Lindsey Anderson

24.       "Lemons or "Lemonade"? Beyoncé, Killjoy Style, and Postfeminism" Matthew Salzano, University of Maryland (TOP PAPERS, FEMINIST AND WOMENS STUDIES)

25.       Technology and Trauma: Theorizing the Disruptions of a Technocratic World, Panelist, Misti Yang

26.       Archival Survival: Why We Continue to Teach Archival Methods and What the Archives Continue to Teach Us, Panelist, Shawn Parry-Giles

27.       "The Power of Pre-existing Relationships: Situational Crisis Communication Theory and the Revised Model of Reputation Repair" Tyler Grant Page, Mississippi State University; Anita Atwell Seate, University of Maryland; Allison Chatham, University of Maryland; Jungkyu Rhys Lim, University of Maryland; Duli Shi, University of Maryland; Lingyan Ma, University of Maryland, College Park; Xiaojing Wang, University of Maryland (TOP PAPERS, PUBLIC RELATIONS DIVISION)

28.       Great Ideas for Teaching LISTENING!, Panelist, Andrew Wolvin

29.       "White Genocide: White nationalism and the rhetoric of protection and preservation" Hagar Attia, University of Maryland

30.       "Secondary Transfer Effects of Vicarious Intergroup Contact: A Test of Two Mechanisms" Nick Joyce, University of Maryland

31.       Womentoring: Student to Student- How to get the most out of this conference. Practical Tips and Advice, Panelist, Brooke Phipps

32.       "Exploring the Role of Communication in the Aging in Place Experience: An Ethnographic Account of a Local Community" Lindsey B. Anderson, University of Maryland

33.       Baltimore Mayoral Longtime Rhetorical and Political Principals, Panelist, Kimberely Hannah-Prater

34.       "A Referendum of Heroes: Horror Framing in Televised Campaign Advertisements during the 2000 Presidential Election" Fielding E. Montgomery, University of Maryland, College Park

35.       Mediated Gendered Activism(s) and Resistance(s): Breaking Walls, Building Bridges and (Re)Shaping the Public Sphere, Panelist, Sahar Khamis

36.       "Freedom Deferred: Langston Hughes' "Harlem" as a synecdoche for Black experience." Darrian Robert Carroll, University of Maryland

37.       "Witnessing Contemporary Atrocities by Envisioning the Past: The Holocaust Memory Frame and Portrayals of North Korean Human Rights Abuses" Michelle Murray Yang, University of Maryland (TOP PAPERS, VISUAL COMMUNICATION)

38.       Prospects for the 2020 Presidential Campaign: Learning from Political Communication in 2019, Panelists, Kathy Kendall, Shawn Parry-Giles

39.       "“And everyone that was listening didn’t say anything”: A pilot study of student perceptions of a university’s use of discourse of renewal and media relations" Gareth Thomas Williams, University of Maryland

40.       Warring with Words: Kenneth Burke’s Project of Communication for Survival, Panelists, James Klumpp, Naette Lee, Damien Pfister

41.       "Reconsidering Public Memory’s Rhetorical Objects" Jeremy R. Grossman, University of Maryland (TOP PAPERS, RHETORICAL & COMMUNICATION THEORY DIVISION)

42.       "The Oprah Winfrey Network’s Queen Sugar Television Series: A Case Study on African-American Women Exemplary Representations On-Screen and Behind-the-Scenes" Ollie L. Jefferson, University of Maryland, College Park

43.       "The Visible Truth and Invisible Detail: Discrimination Affects Acculturation yet is Excluded from the Domestic Cultural Orientation Curriculum for Refugees in the United States" Jeannette Viens, University of Maryland

44.       "Beyond participation, toward disparticipation" Matthew Salzano, University of Maryland (LAUREATE, JAMES GOLDEN AWARD)

45.       Rhetorical Histories and The Frames of Politics, Panelist, Shawn Parry-Giles

46.       "There is No Away: Where Do People Go When They Avoid an Interpersonal Conflict?" Dale Hample, University of Maryland; Jessica Hample, State University of New York, Oswego

47.       Survival: Peace and Conflict Communication through the High Density Panel, Panelist, Nora Heist

48.       "Disparticipating for Survival" Matthew Salzano, University of Maryland

49.       "More Than a Feeling: Ego-Function, Pantsuit Nation, and the 2017 Women’s March on Washington" E. Brooke Phipps, University of Maryland, College Park

50.       "Huddles or Hurdles? How Geo-Spatial Mapping Messaged Conditions of Exclusion in the Aftermath of the Women's March" Alyson Farzad-Phillips, University of Maryland

51.       "Strategic Listening: The Pathway to World Peace" Andrew D. Wolvin, University of Maryland; Annie Rappeport, University of Maryland

52.       The Trump Watch 2019: The Rhetoric of an Active-Negative President Under Siege, Panelist, Kathy Kendall

53.       "The Case for Post-Crisis Persuasion: Testing Message Convergence and the Importance of Facts in a Police Shooting" Tyler Grant Page, Mississippi State University; Brooke M. Fowler, University of Maryland

54.       Surviving the Binary? Teaching Gender Communication in a Gender Fluid World, Panelist, Kimberley Hannah-Prater

55.       "Proposing Epistemological Intellectual Development as a Valuable Outcome in Instructional Communication Research" Drew T. Ashby-King, University of Maryland, College Park

56.       "Battles in a Sea of Pink: The Pussyhat Project and the 2017 Women's March on Washington" E. Brooke Phipps, University of Maryland, College Park

57.       After the Computational Turn: Survival through Critical Infrastructure Interventions, Panelist, Misti Yang

58.       "Communicating Resilience During a Crisis: Expanding the Discourse of Renewal" Lindsey B. Anderson, University of Maryland; Sylvia Guo, University of Maryland

59.       "Silencing Sexual Assault: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Misogynistic Media Coverage of Popular Sexual Assault Cases" Skye Cambre de Saint Felix, University of Maryland

60.       "Bringing Wreck to the Public Sphere" Darrian Robert Carroll, University of Maryland

61.        "Roe v. Wade and the Rhetoric of Potential Citizenship" Aya H. Farhat, University of Maryland 

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