Samek Wins Dissertation Award

Ph.D. alumna Alyssa Samek (Ph.D., 2012) is the inaugural recipient of the NCA Caucus on LGBTQ Concerns and the GLBTQ Communication Studies Division Dissertation of the Year Award. 

Entitled "Crafting Queer Identity, Building Coalitions, and Envisioning Liberation at the Intersections: A Rhetorical Analysis of 1970s Lesbian-Feminist Discourse," Samek's dissertation examines how lesbian-feminists navigated the competing pressures of identity politics and coalition politics and confronted compounding frustrations, divisions, and exclusionary practices throughout the 1970s. Specifically, the study attends to the ways lesbian-feminists rhetorically recalibrated their identities in and through coalitional relationships with such social movement communities as women’s liberation, gay liberation, and anti-war activism. In the process, they were able to build coalitional relationships with activists from other movements while retaining a space for articulating and bolstering their lesbian-feminist identities. 

Dr. Samek's dissertation was directed by Professor Shawn Parry-Giles. Dr. Samek will begin a new position in the fall as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Rhetoric in the Department for the Study of Culture & Society at Drake University.

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