Inaugural Rosenker Lecture

The Mark and Heather Rosenker Center for Political Communication & Civic Leadership was proud to host the inaugural Rosenker Lecture, featuring Brad Blakeman and David Goodfriend. Entitled "So a Liberal and a Conservative Walked Into a Bar: No Joke. How to Disagree and Stay Friends in America Today," the lecture offered an update on the pending mid-term elections and discussed strategies and attitudes to working across the polarized political divide. The lecture was introduced by Heather Rosenker (below, left) and Mark Rosenker, who demonstrated the importance of student engagement and involvement in political discussion.

Mr. Blakeman worked for the George W. Bush administration and Mr. Goodfriend worked by the Clinton administration. They now run a political consulting firm called the 1600 Group: To read more about the inaugural Rosenker Lecture, visit To view a video of the event, visit



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