Graduate Students & S. Parry-Giles Receive Awards

On May 9, the Department of Communication presented its annual Graduate Student Awards:

The Charles Richardson Award, named for the first chair of our department, is presented to the most outstanding Ph.D. student in the department. The recipient of the 2014 Charles Richardson Award is: Kelly Madden Daily.

The Raymond Ehrensberger Award, named for the second chair of our department, is presented to the most outstanding first or second year graduate student in the department. The recipient of the 2014 Raymond Ehrensberger Award is: Stephanie Madden.

The department awards up to five outstanding teaching awards every year to deserving graduate students who exemplify excellent teaching in the department’s undergraduate program. This year, the five recipients of the Teaching Awards are: Jessica LuThomas McCloskeyAnnie Laurie NicholsYvonne Slosarski, and Michael Steudeman.

The department’s outstanding service award is given to a student or students who have made substantial contributions to the welfare of the department or its graduate program through their service activities. The recipient of a 2014 Outstanding Service Award is: Melissa Janoske.

The department awards an annual prize for the outstanding research paper. Papers nominated for this award should have been presented at a professional conference or symposium or accepted for publication in an academic journal in the calendar year preceding the granting of the award. Along with a certificate, the recipient of this award also receives the department’s student membership in the National Communication Association. The winning essay for 2014 is entitled “‘The Guardian Genius of Democracy’: The Myth of the Heroic Teacher in Lyndon B. Johnson’s Education Policy Rhetoric, 1964-1966.” The recipient of the 2014 Outstanding Research Paper Award is: Michael Steudeman.

The Department's graduate students also presented the first annual Arete Award, given to the faculty member who is most outstanding in service, teaching, and mentorship with graduate students. The 2014 recipient of the Arete Award is Professor Shawn J. Parry-Giles. Parry-Giles also received the University of Maryland's 2014 Outstanding Director of Graduate Studies Award. 

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