Department Hosts First Year Book Event

On Friday, November 15th, over one hundred undergraduate students gathered in Edward St. John Learning and Teaching Center to join Dr. Patricia Roberts-Miller, author of the first-year book, Demagoguery and Democracy, to discuss their communicative participation in public life. The event, Dialogues on Deliberation and Demagoguery, was organized by the Department of Communication, Rosenker Center for Political Communication & Civic Leadership, Office of Undergraduate Studies, and College of Arts and Humanities.

Ph.D. students from the Departments of Communication and English facilitated small group dialogues with students from across campus. Using concepts from Demagoguery and Democracy, students reflected together on the ways in which daily communication habits and social practices contribute to and challenge a culture of demagoguery. They also brainstormed strategies for promoting healthier deliberation practices individually and culturally. Dr. Roberts-Miller led a collective discussion based off of the ideas generated by the dialogue groups. She was humbled that so many students engaged with the central ideas of her book. Dialogues on Deliberation and Demagoguery was the first event led by the Civic Deliberation and Public Dialogue Group’s Public Dialogue Initiative.

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