COMM@Maryland Ranks High in World Discipline Standings

Recently released rankings of world universities broken down by discipline have good news for Communication at the University of Maryland.

The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) is a leading consulting organization providing policy advice, strategic insights, and consulting services to governments and universities to improve educational and research outcomes. In their most recent world rankings for Communication, the University of Maryland ranks 8th. Ahead of UM are the programs at Ohio State, Texas, Illinois, and Wisconsin--to name a few of the other programs in the Top Ten. UM ranks above Penn State (#9) and the University of Pennsylvania (#10). The only other UM-ARHU program that was ranked was Linguistics--#9 in that discipline. Overall, the University of Maryland ranks #47 of world universities in the CWUR rankings.

In the Academic Ranking of World Universities from the Shanghai Rankings' Consultancy, for Communication,the University of Maryland ranks 13th. UM ranks ahead of Communication programs at Northwestern, USC, North Carolina, Minnesota, and Rutgers. Among other UM programs in the Social Science category, Political Science at UM was #29, Sociology was #30, and Psychology was #32. Overall, the University of Maryland was ranked #51 in the world.



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