Students Go to Camp Rhetoric

UM Ph.D. graduate students attend meeting at PSU

Eight Ph.D. students from the University of Maryland attended the third annual "Camp Rhetoric" meeting held February 16 on the campus of Penn State in State College, PA. Camp Rhetoric is the flagship event sponsored by a group of interdisciplinary rhetoricians at Penn State from the Communication Arts, English, and Applied LInguistics departments on the PSU campus. Highlights of "Camp Rhetoric" include sessions for graduate student "works-in-progress," a keynote address by a prominent PSU graduate, and a series of roundtable discussions.

Graduate students who presented works in progress include Sean Luechtefeld ("Motivated to March: Jacob Coxey and his 1894 Rhetorical Movement"),Thomas McCloskey ("Putin's Magnitsky Response: Turning Tu Quoque into Nationalism"), Annie Laurie Nichols ("Hegemony as Social Change"), Meridith Styer ("The Polysemous First Lady: Photographs of the First Ladies in the Smithsonian's First Ladies Exhibit, 1913-2012"), Elizabeth Gardner, Jade Olson, Yvonne Slosarski, and Michael Steudeman.

Photos courtesy of Michael Steudeman.

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