Wolvin Authors Listening Research Articles

Professor Andrew D. Wolvin has co-authored two recently published essay on listening. Both essays appear in the International Journal of Listening. Wolvin is also the author of the entry on listening that appears in the new book 21st Century Communication: A Reference Handbook, published by Sage and edited by William Eadie.

JanusikWith UM alumna Laura Janusik, now at Rockhurst University, Wolvin published "24 Hours in a  Day: A Listening Update to the Time Studies." Time is an important communication variable that has been impacted by new technology and changed the way people communicate, their study concludes, and they explore the communication time use by college students to provide an update to earlier studies by factoring in computer and telephone use—media that have forced a multitasking approach to communication. Undergraduate students (N = 680) at a large Eastern university reported that they spend most of their time (48%) communicating with their friends, followed by time in school, at work, and with families. Students spend 24% of their time listening, 20% speaking, 13% using the Internet, 9% writing, and 8% reading.

Bjorn Stillion SouthardWith UM alumni Bjørn Stillion Southard, now at Lewis & Clark College, Wolvin published "Jimmy Carter: A Case Study in Listening Leadership." Their analysis argues that the central role of listening in leadership has been the subject of increasing attention in recent years. In leadership studies, listening is being theorized as an essential dimension to effective leadership. Those seeking an elected office also have come to appreciate the centrality of listening by engaging in listening-centered events. However, listening leadership requires more than just the presence of listening. Listening and leadership must be connected. Using President Jimmy Carter and his July 15, 1979 “Address to the Nation on Energy and National Goals” as a case study, this essay explores the concept of listening leadership during the evolution and delivery of that speech. This essay argues that in the development and delivery of Carter's speech, the topic of listening was placed front and center for and by the President. However, Carter failed to balance the listening component of leadership with other characteristics which ultimately bifurcated listening from his role as a leader.

IJLCitations: Laura A. Janusik and Andrew D. Wolvin, "24 Hours in a Day: A Listening Update to the Time Studies," International Journal of Listening 23 (2009): 104-120; Bjørn Stillion Southard and Andrew D. Wolvin, "Jimmy Carter: A Case Study in Listening Leadership," International Journal of Listening 23 (2009): 141-152.

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