Skubisz Co-Authors Article on Risk Information

Ph.D. student Christine Skubisz is co-author on a study that appears in the latest edition of Communication Yearbook. The essay is entitled "Communicating Quantitative Risk Information" and is co-authored with former UM faculty member Torsten Reimer and Ulrich Hoffrage from the University of Lausanne.

The study examines the literature on quantitative risk information, concluding that some representations and formats of such information are easier to understand than others. The chapter articulates how the representations of quantitative risk information can be useful tools for risk communicators and discusses the ways that some risk communicators may themselves function as a hinderance to effective risk communication.

View InsideCitation: Skubisz, C., Reimer, T., & Hoffrage, U. (2009). Communicating quantitative risk information. In C. Beck (Ed.), Communication yearbook(Vol. 33, pp. 177-212). New York: Routledge.

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