Parry-Giles Interviewed on Lincoln

Professor and Chair Shawn J. Parry-Giles has recently been interviewed about her latest book, Memories of Lincoln and the Splintering of American Political Thought. Co-authored with Carneige Mellon's David Kaufer, the book is a look at how memories of Lincoln became an important form of political rhetoric; the book sheds light on how divergent schools of U.S. political thought came to recruit Lincoln as their standard-bearer.

Parry-Giles and Kaufer are featured in an interview with the Center for Democratic Deliberation's Book Notes series at Penn State where they reveal that Lincoln reminiscences "a rhetorical form that not only helped Americans remember a leader they had lost but also directed the meaning of how American citizens were to relate to the American presidency."

Parry-Giles is also featured on the Matt Townsend Show on BYU Radio. You can hear the interview here.

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