T. Parry-Giles Authors Study of Adams Legacy

Associate professor Trevor Parry-Giles has authored a study of the historical legacy of John Adams that appears in the January 2008 issue of the Western Journal of Communication.

Parry-Giles's essay examines the attempts by historian David McCullough in legislative hearings, media interviews, and with his famous biography of John Adams to rescue the second president's legacy. Specifically, the essay contends that McCullough's discourse championing Adams promotes this founder's celebrity rather than his meritorious fame, and in so doing violates the very understandings of fame and renown so central to Adams's conceptions of political motivation.WJCUltimately, the essay reads McCullough's attempts to memorialize Adams against Adams's theories of fame and political psychology, revealing what Adams's approach to political motivation says about the state of contemporary political rhetoric.

Citation:  Parry-Giles, T. (2008). Fame, celebrity, and 

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