Maddux Publishes Analysis of First Lady Rosalynn Carter

Assistant professor Kristy Maddux’s essay, “Feminism and Foreign Policy: Public Vocabularies and the Conditions of Emergence for First Lady Rosalynn Carter,” appears in the Spring 2008 issue of Women’s Studies in Communication.

The essay examines First Lady Rosalynn Carter’s 1977 trip through seven Latin American and Caribbean nations.  It investigates second wave feminism and Carter administration foreign policy to argue that those discourses made space for the themes of “equal partnership” and “individual sovereignty” to emerge in the public vocabulary.  These discursive shifts, in turn, allowed a productive new subject position from which the First Lady could speak. The essay maintains that Carter capitalized on these discursive resources, which allowed for the limited successes of her trip.

ORWACCitation: Maddux, K. (2008). Feminism and foreign policy: Public vocabularies and the conditions of emergence for First Lady Rosalynn Carter.  Women’s Studies in Communication 31 (1), 29-55.

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