Graduate Students Score Big at GRID


Several Department of Communication graduate students participated in the annual Graduate Research Interaction Day (GRID), 2013 on April 10. GRID provides graduate students the chance to present their research in an interdisciplinary, on-campus setting. Winners are selected from among the research presentations with students receiving cash awards based on judging by faculty members.

GRID first place winners from the department include:

Thomas McCloskey, "No One Step Backward: The Rhetoric of Ukrainian Nationalism and Gay Propaganda Laws."

Jade Olson, "Natural Terror: Mediating Radical Environmentalism in the 21st Century."

Adam Richards, "Seeing Red: The Effect of Grading Ink Color on Student Perceptions of Instructor Feedback."

Michael Steudeman, "Educational Epistemes and Public Policy Polysemy in the 2012 Chicago Teachers' Strike."

Other graduate students participating in the 2013 GRID include: Kimberley Hannah, Lauren Harris, Irina Iles, Leysan Khakimova, Jarim Kim, Jessica Lu, Sean Luechtefeld, Annie Laurie Nichols, Michael Paquette, and Yvonne Slosarski.


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