Faculty Receive FSRA Awards

Congratulations to Associate Professor Sahar Khamis and Assistant Professor JiYoun Kim for receiving Faculty-Student Research Awards (FSRA) for 2020. FSRAs replaced the RASA program; awards come from the Graduate School and seek to "enrich the graduate student experience while assisting faculty in their academic pursuits."

Khamis will receive a FSRA in support of the project entitled "Digital Authoritarianism and Resistance: Cyberwars between Egyptian and Saudi Autocrats and their Exiled Opponents." Working with Ph.D. student Randall Fowler, Khamis will use the FSRA to produce a series of articles exploring the uses of social media by different parties in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Kim will receive a FSRA in support of the project entitled "Communicating science to lay audiences: The roles of moral values and message framing." Working with Ph.D. student Yuan Wang (and others), Kim will use the FSRA to explore "the impact of scientific message on public perceptions and decisions made about scientific issues, and places the focus on developing persuasive communication strategies for better informed decision making."

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