Austin Co-Authors Study of Framing, Injury Prevention

Ph.D. student Lucinda Austin is co-author on a study that appears in the latest issue of Social Marketing Quarterly. The essay is entitled "Using Framing Theory to Unite the Field of Injury and Violence Prevention and Response: 'Adding Power to Our Voices.'"

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC) sought to identify a new approach to communicating about injury and violence and develop a central message for all areas of injury. Objectives were to: (1) develop an overarching injury and violence prevention message for use in communications and to position injury as an important public health problem, and (2) reframe the public's understanding of injury and violence to create social and political will to lessen the burden of injury. NCIPC and IFC Macro, a research, marketing communications, and management consulting firm, used framing theory to develop messages that would have greater impact on the public's perceptions by presenting injury in a way that reflects deeply held societal values. Three distinct message sets were developed and tested through in-depth interviews with professionals working in injury response, violence prevention, and unintentional injury prevention and through nine focus groups with the general public on specific injury and violence issues. Most participants identified with the frame of living to one's “full potential.” Based on the findings, Adding Power to Our Voices, a framing guide, was developed giving specific guidance on how to incorporate the frame into injury prevention and response messages to aid communication among constituents, members, and supporters.

SMQCitation: Austin, L., Mitchko, J., Freeman, C., Kirby, S., & Milne, J. (2009). Using framing theory to unite the field of injury and violence prevention and response: "Adding Power to Our Voices." Social Marketing Quarterly, 15 (S1), 35-54.

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